Numbers Speak: Health Perks of Cycling

cyclcingWe hear a lot about how cycling positively affects one’s health, but up to what extent? There is a large body of studies proving the health benefits of cycling. Read the following five health perks and be more motivated to pedal your way to health today:

Longer Life

Yes, you read right. The Copenhagen Center for Prospective Population Studies looked at the difference in mortality rate among regular cyclists and non-cyclists. [Read more...]

Bicycle Gears for Safety

Sprinting cyclistsThere are a number of bicycle gears you simply cannot do without. If you want to keep yourself in one piece during bicycling trips, get your hands on these gears:


One of the common injuries attained in cycling accidents is head injuries. Forty to 45 percent of adult and children cyclists suffer head injuries like brain damage and skull fractures. To avoid serious head injuries you should never forget to wear helmets whether you are going to the mountains or just a nearby grocery store. [Read more...]

Five Bicycling Myths and Reasons Why They’re BS

cycleLike any other human interests, cycling has a lot of myths whose origins and cultural perpetuation we simply cannot comprehend.

This is a short list of the most absurd cycling myths out there, and the reasons why you shouldn’t believe them.

Absurd Myth # 5: Cycling can “devirginize” women.

What-the-actual-sorcery? No, cycling can’t “devirginize” a lady. This myth probably stems to the effect of cycling to the little tissue called hymen. Sure, cycling can stretch and break a hymen, but a broken hymen does not mean a woman is not a virgin. What’s with the hype about hymen anyways?

Absurd Myth # 4: Cyclists don’t pay for roads.

Don’t be under any illusion; gas taxes do not make up as much as 20 percent of road budgets. A huge portion of the fund for road construction and maintenance comes from, surprise, general taxes. So every responsible taxpayers pay for federal roads. And, another point I’d gladly make: bicycles are road-friendlier than vehicles. Bikes don’t damage roads, bikes don’t cause accidents, and bikes don’t cause traffic.

Absurd Myth # 3: Roads were built for huge vehicles like cars.

Let’s have a little history lesson here. Back in 1930s, groups of bicyclists, like UK’s Cyclists’ Touring Club and US’ League of American Wheelmen (LAW), decided the roads were too bumpy and rough for safe cycling. Instead of complaining and stopping there, they lobbied and actually paid for smooth asphalt roads that we have today. So thank the cyclists for the smooth roads your cars are running on.

Absurd Myth # 2: Bicycles are crazy expensive.

Depending on the type of bike you want to get, you can get a good bike for less than $1000. I know, that sounds like a lot, but consider the overall costs of operating and maintaining a car. The high price of gas alone is frustrating. What about the periodic repairs that cost you hundreds of dollars? AND, bikes have no parking fees.

Absurd Myth # 1: Cycling in a busy road will kill me.

First of all, navigating a busy traffic using any type of transportation entails risks. But these are called “risks” and not “certainties” because you can avoid them. There are cycling rules you can study to ensure you ride safely. If you stay aware of your surroundings, communicate with other drivers, follow traffic rules, and stick to your lane, you’ll be just fine.